Fountain Valley resident recognized for crime prevention

Fountain Valley Police Chief Matt Sheppard presents Jessey Cordero with a Crime-Biters Award.
(Courtesy of the Fountain Valley Police Department)

Jessey Cordero, a Fountain Valley resident, was recognized by the Fountain Valley Police Department on Monday for his contributions to crime prevention in the city.

On June 26, 2019, Cordero and his girlfriend, Stephanie Wilde, found a man in Cordero’s truck. The suspect, identified as a 35-year-old man from Westminster, attempted to flee as Cordero came closer.

Cordero then chased down the suspect while Wilde called in the incident to police. The suspect was detained by Cordero until officers arrived, police said in a release. The release said that stolen property in the amount of $1,850 had been taken from Cordero’s vehicle and was recovered by law enforcement.

Officers also recovered stolen property from an incident that had occurred 10 days earlier. On that occasion, a Fountain Valley restaurant worker reported their wallet and property, valued at $835, stolen from their car while parked outside of the restaurant during their shift, police said.

The suspect was taken in on grand theft and misappropriation and possession of stolen property, and served three days in jail. He was required to pay restitution, and is facing three years of informal probation.

Fountain Valley Police Chief Matt Sheppard presented Cordero with a Crime-Biters Award for his efforts.

Huntington Beach man arrested on suspicion of grand theft

A Huntington Beach man was arrested by Fountain Valley police in connection with stolen wedding rings, authorities said Tuesday.

Christopher Bood, 32, told police that he took the rings in February, police said. The rings were reported to police as stolen on Oct. 23. Police said that Bood had worked with a friend on a remodel of the victim’s home in Fountain Valley.

The rings were later found in the possession of Bood’s girlfriend, police said.

Bood was charged with grand theft, and his bail was set at $25,000.

Christopher Bood
(Courtesy of the Fountain Valley Police Department)

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