"I've never experienced more grief, sadness, despair and joy -- all on

the same day. I don't think it's possible in any other job."

-- Capt. Mike Treanor of the Costa Mesa Fire Department, looking back

at the 36 years he has been with the department. Treanor, 57, is retiring

from his job.

"I have always wanted to be a judge. The question has always been a

matter of when to run or to seek an appointment by applying for a

position with the governor."

-- Karen Robinson, Costa Mesa councilwoman, on her decision to launch

a late-hour write-in campaign to unseat Orange County Superior Court

Judge Ronald C. Kline. Robinson has been on the City Council for little

more than a year.

"I think it went too far. Some parents got too upset, and some girls

expected too much."

-- Dana Odell, applauding Newport Harbor High School Principal Michael

Vossen's decision to have 17 girls who did not make the cheerleading

squads try out again after there was controversy over the original

selection process. Odell's daughter, Katie, made the first cut.

"I've already not made it once. And after all this, I don't know if I

want to deal with this again."

-- Jessica Cochens, Newport Harbor High School student, on whether

she'll try out for cheerleading again. Cochens was one of the 17 who did

not make it onto the teams in late November.

"I won't be going down to the store for milk."

-- Jim Ferryman, Newport-Mesa school board trustee, reacting to his

sentence, which includes a restricted license, after pleading guilty

Monday to one count of drunk driving. Ferryman's sentence includes two

days of jail time (served), three years of informal probation, a $1,241

fine and a three-month alcohol treatment program.

"For the third time, I am not going to resign. I will not be run out

of town by you or your little band of followers."

-- Ferryman, responding to Trustee Wendy Leece's demand that he resign

from the board at Tuesday's meeting.

"If you can't enforce 72 hours, how are you going to do 24?"

-- Inez McLane of Costa Mesa, asking the City Council how they would

enforce a proposed ban on parking motor homes on residential streets for

more than 24 hours. The current ban is on parking a recreational vehicle

for more than 72 hours.

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