Eye on arts and entertainment -- Suzie Harrison

Last night and through the week there have been plenty of activities

-- social events, musical entertainment and galleries to choose from for

Lagunans. It’s obvious that summer is around the corner.

White House Tempo Tuesday


This past Tuesday, The White House started its new series, Tempo

Tuesday, which will happen once a month from here on out. Down tempo will

feature the sounds of house, hip-hop, funk, down tempo and rare grooves.

The resident DJ’s are Irik, Jonra and Peter J.


The White House will have special guest DJ’s’s weekly on Tuesdays.

The White House is at 340 South Coast Highway. Tempo is from 10 p.m.

to 2 a.m. and has a $2 cover. The number is 494-8088.

Student art opening

ISMs is a UCI student art exhibit that will open at [seven-degrees]

next Thursday, with a reception for the artists from 7 to 10 p.m.

[seven-degrees] is showcasing talented student artists Charmmie Park,

Deanna Erdmann and Zamiro Bennem, who have collaborated to present a


visual discourse to expand the understanding of identity. They are

currently studying at the school’s Clair Trevor School of Arts.

The exhibit is a display of the student’s work, which effectively

opens a discussion of society’s influence and political constructions and

institutions, which create and conflict with ideologies.

The exhibit gives a glimpse into the individual artist’s personal

investigation, thoughts and process of the roots of each of the artists.

ISMs brings to light the multitude of thought and the various modes of



Collaboration with UCI

Also in a collaborative effort, UCI’s school of art will feature Mugen

Suzuki’s 3D STYLE. The exhibit is based on the Nike commercial Freestyle,


“We’re very excited about it,’ said Allison Ahlfeldt, the show’s

marketing director. “It’s along the lines that [seven-degrees] is all

about, using multimedia art and utilizing the digital technology is

extremely exciting and we are thrilled to have it here.”

Suzuki has been working on this piece as a resident student artist at

[seven-degrees] for the past eight months. 3D STYLE is an animated short

created using motion-capture technology and computer-generated images.

The work is a digital exploration of kinematics that not only reflects

the evolving union of technology and art, but also focuses on the subtle

nuances that define the elegance of human movement. This project is more

than just a reproduction of organic motion digitized and translated onto

animated figures, this short is what Suzuki feels is an interpretation of

the fluid and dynamic energy of the human form.

Mugen Suzuki’s 3D STYLE exhibit with an artist reception will open May

29 at [seven-degrees] and will run from 6 to 10 p.m. [seven-degrees] is

at 890 Laguna canyon Road. For information, call 376-1555.