Letters claim responsibility for razors

Mary A. Castillo

Four letters claiming responsibility for leaving razor blades in a

children’s play area were discovered nailed to benches at the popular

Main Beach site, police reported.


“A citizen discovered the first letter that had been folded into

fourths with a four-inch nail holding it to a bench,” said Laguna Beach

Police Sgt. Jason Kravetz.

After reading the letter, which was found early last Friday morning,


the citizen flagged down an officer who then cordoned off the area. The

three other letters were found nailed to benches along the boardwalk.

The playground was inspected with metal detectors and then raked. No

razor blades were discovered at the scene.

“We are not clear if this letter is from an individual or a group,”

Kravetz said.

The unsigned letters did not claim any affiliation but promised more

razor blades would be left at public parks.


The letters are currently being investigated as to whether they will

be included or excluded as evidence in the case, Kravetz said.

Late last month, 17 blades were discovered in the sand at Main Beach

playground. The department received a call from an anonymous woman who

claimed that her friends were going to Main Beach to hurt people.

However, the discovery of the letters and the threat of more razor

blades left in parks have spiked parents’ concerns.

“The only way they’ll stop this is if they put video cameras at the


playgrounds or have undercover cops,” said Ying Woo-Clark, resident of

Laguna Beach. “Because they’re not going to do it when the police are

patrolling the parks.”

“I feel better that the city rakes the sand and is taking

responsibility,” said Laura Thornton of Laguna Niguel as she watched her

children play. “We’ll continue to come here but we’ll be extra careful

about checking the sand.”

The Laguna Beach Police Department also offered suggestions to

families who want to use the city playgrounds.

“We strongly encourage parents to visually and physically inspect

playground equipment before allowing their children to play,” Kravetz

said. “We also urge that children should wear shoes when playing in the