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Reel Critics

Silber and Silber

“The Sum of All Fears,” based on the book of the same name by Tom

Clancy, is most frighteningly timely.

Given the events of Sept. 11, the subject matter cannot fail to


interest you. Watching as an atomic bomb falls into terrorist hands, the

ensuing mayhem is no longer as shocking or farfetched as it once was, but

it is even more frightening. The story has the terrorist manipulating the

U.S. and Russia into confrontation with the goal of mutual annihilation.


Given this, we nonetheless had different reactions to the movie and

it’s quality as a film.


I liked the script, pace and acting. The storyline was easy to follow

and felt realistic. The acting was good. Ben Affleck as a young Jack Ryan

was believable and better than he has been in a long time. He inhabits

Ryan and makes him his own, despite having to follow Harrison Ford’s

previous roles as Ryan later in his career. Morgan Freeman as the head of


the CIA was superb, as he always is. I found the story compelling and,

while it will not become a classic film, it was well worth my time.

Igal: I felt this was only a mediocre film. The story dragged and did

not feel as realistic as it should. I was not sitting on the edge of my

seat. Ben Affleck was a poor choice for the role of Ryan and he comes

across weak and insipid. While not a terrible movie it was less

interesting to me, even as an action movie, and even given the relevance

of the subject matter.


* Diane and Igal Silber are Laguna residents and avid film buffs.