[seven-degrees] serves up fine musical tastes


An enticing highlight of the summer season is the series of

musical evenings at [seven-degrees] recently prefaced with a

delightful dining experience, a complimentary wine-tasting and


cocktails. The eventful happening at this highly sophisticated Laguna

Beach art treasure provided an opening night glimpse of what is in

store at the July and August events to come.

An attractive assemblage of cocktail-clad guests gathered on the


spacious alfresco terrace nestled below the canyon’s verdant

hillside. To start, a sampling of award-winning wines courtesy of

genial Kyle Twitchell from Stimson Lane Vineyards set a welcoming

pace for the festive evening. Two outstanding vintages enjoyed were

Eroica, a refreshingly fruity Reisling, and Columbia Crest, a mellow

chardonnay from Grand Estates, both listed among the prestigious Wine

Spectator’s top 100 picks.

Tastes of the Orient were deftly dished up to order and, befitting


the [seven-degrees] concept, every plate designed by P and A

Catering, was a beautiful work of art. Exotic delicacies included the

Hong Kong dim sum salad of seared potstickers on a bed of chopped

Asian greens in sesame dressing; deliciously al dente hot wok shrimp

stir-fried with crisp peppers, green onions and toasted coconut in

classic Thai peanut sauce; and a killer Kung Pao arrangement of

toasted red chilis, peanuts and crisp lotus chips tossed with a

choice of chicken, shrimp or beef.


A walk down or brief elevator ride to the main event revealed

beautifully set tables flanked by a cocktail bar, lavish dessert and

coffee displays, all facing the central stage. Sweet finales

consisted of a half dozen luscious confections almost too beautiful

to devour -- small cups of raspberry and chocolate mousse; little

tarts filled with tangy apple; crunchy macadamia nuts;or rich

chocolate ganache, a gold star-studded chocolate candy wrap of

raspberry creme and chocolate cake.

The highlight of the evening came with [seven-degrees] of Sound

emanating from a central stage. Here personable vocalist Karen

Gallinger performed her very own magic, giving forth with the

eclectic mix of jazz, blues and contemporary songs which typify the

trio of musical evenings to come at this unique art venue.

That Gallinger fans are many was obvious from the applause and

howls which permeated the arena. Not to mention the adorable

wannabe-Karen tyke doing her own little act in front of the stage.

Forthcoming events will be on July 25 when Mark’s restaurant

caters dinner. Common Sense will be the featured entertainment at

this benefit to honor famed Eric Henderson, the celebrated Laguna

Beach virtuoso who has had to endure a number of major surgeries and

skin grafts following the flesh-eating bacteria he contracted some

time ago. All proceeds from the $35 fee will be sent directly to

Henderson and his family.

The Aug. 8 concert will showcase Sylvia St. James in a benefit for

TLC, the Laguna Beach club for children. Aug. 22 promises a Grand

Finale surprise.

A $15 tariff gains entry to each of these events. Dinner and

desserts are optional and there will be two-drink minimum for these