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Woman arrested after alleged assault

Mary A. Castillo

A 20-year-old Laguna woman was arrested after allegedly assaulting

her aunt and a police officer.

The Laguna Beach Police Department received a 911 call from a


20-year old woman who claimed her mother was out of control.

But when officers arrived at the home on Vista del Sol last Monday

morning, they were met by the caller’s mother who claimed that her

daughter kicked her pregnant aunt and was inside tearing the place



“The officers could hear her throwing stuff in the house,” said

Sgt. Jason Kravetz.

When the officers went into the home they said they found that the

young woman was very intoxicated. She agreed to commit herself to a

hospital but Kravetz said on their way to South Coast Medical Center

she got into a fist fight with emergency room staff.

When officers intervened, she allegedly struck an officer in the


face and was arrested for assaulting an officer. She was transported

to Orange County Women’s Jail on $2,500 bail. If convicted she is

eligible for one year in the county jail or a fine of $2,000 or both.