Philips Fusion in full swing this weekend

Mike Sciacca

Bron Heussenstamm is off to Europe next week for competition,

looking for a chance at redemption.

The Laguna Beach native was anything but pleased with his showing


in the $150,000 Philips U.S. Open of Surfing at the Huntington Beach

Pier Wednesday. He was eliminated from contention for the men’s title

as he finished third among four competitors in an early morning heat

-- the second heat of the day, in the round of 160.


Shaun Burrell of the USA won the heat with Hawaii’s Benel Eleogram

placing second. Heussenstamm finished in front of Lincoln Eather of


“It pretty much was my worst performance ever at the U.S. Open,”

Heussentamm said after his heat. “I tried to surf but just couldn’t

get any walls out there. I’m extremely disappointed.”

Heussenstamm, who was competing in his sixth U.S. Open of Surfing

event, leaves next week for Europe to compete in four consecutive



“I hope to have a much better showing over there,” he said.

Laguna Beach’s Pat O’Connel will surf his first heat on Saturday

in the U.S. Open of Surfing men’s round of 64.

O’Connel will surf the 12th heat on Saturday.

The 2002 Philips Fusion continues today through Sunday at the

Huntington Beach Pier. Surfing, street sports and a music festival

will dominate the Downtown scene.


In addition to the six-star rated, $150,000 Philips U.S. Open of

Surfing, other surfing contests include the six-star $30,00 Havaianas

Women’s Pro and the $10,000 Billabong/Boost Mobile Juniors.

The other water competition is the $10,000 U.S. Open of


Nearly 100 street skateboarders and 500 BMX competitors begin

preparation today for the Philips Soul Bowl Skate and Philips Soul

Bowl Bike contests to be held this weekend. In addition, 100 of the

world’s top street skateboarders will be showcased in the $50,000

“best trick” competition in the World Industries WW III contest.

The “best trick” competition will be staged on a platform that

measures 120-feet by 150-feet that features unique obstacles erected

in different configurations on a daily basis.

Below is the daily schedule for the 2002 Philips Fusion series,

which culminates on Sunday.