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‘Swimfan’ is must-see thriller

Evan Marmol

A love story, of the unrequited variety, is the theme in

“Swimfan,” an inspired, contemporary rehash of “Fatal Attraction.”

Ensnared by the wiles of Madison Belle, (Erica Christensen) Ben


Cronin (Jesse Bradford), an aspiring athlete, is drawn into a world

of suffering and punishment. Post coitus regret is just the beginning

for his tryst with infidelity and submission to his wanton desires.

Ben is seduced with the promise of discretion. Against his better


sensibilities, he commits an act that he hoped would never be

discovered. Madison, feeling betrayed by Ben’s indifference,

commences to devastate his life and send it into a spiraling

cesspool. Hell hath no fury like that of this scorned woman.

The suspense is absolutely riveting. Christensen is both stunning

and totally convincing as the vexed, divisive muse. Both trepidation

and guilt are exuded in a stellar performance by Bradford. Every turn

is full of surprise and every device is expertly disguised. All of


the characters serve a specific function in the development of this

direct, nonstop thriller. Nothing is spared in this film, as it

painfully relates to the dread of losing it all for a moment of

reckless abandon. “Swimfan” is a must see for all audiences.

* EVAN MARMOL is Laguna Resident. he graduated from UC Irvine

with a degree in Psychology and Social Behavior.