Shedding the shield of apathy

Even more important than the mascot name, more important than the

proper voting procedures or the school board’s involvement in ASB

actions, is the reaction of students at Laguna Beach High School who

feel an injustice has been done.


High schoolers have appealed to fellow students, school

administrators and most recently the school board. They have tried to

relay their concerns to the appropriate parties rationally and



This week, students at the high school received a ballot for a

re-vote on the mascot name change. Some students felt the re-vote was

not a proper solution and took their concerns to the Laguna Beach

Unified School District Board of Education meeting Tuesday.

In their actions, many students at Laguna have thrown away the

shield of apathy and taken a stand to get what they want.

The impressive actions span from Bryce Loidolt, who made the

initial push to change the name, to Natalie Hills, who drew up a


compromise, to the group of students who showed up at Tuesday’s

school board meeting to have their say.

Whatever the outcome, it seems the process has been an invaluable

lesson in the power of the vote, each individual voice and personal