The strike has ended

Attention grocery shoppers: It is now safe to go back to the stores.

That's right, the long and bitter and protracted and

pick-your-own-adjective strike and lockout between the grocery

employee unions and Ralphs, Vons and Albertsons supermarkets has

headed for the checkout line.

For some, this comes as great news.

For those in search of groceries, the dilemma of either crossing

the picket line and offending the pickets or having to drive miles

out of your way to pick up milk, butter and eggs for the family is


For others, it will hardly be noticed as many have now picked up

new habits and new stores to shop at, some even noticing that despite

the convenience of the large supermarket chains, the prices and even

quality can be beat at some of the smaller and independent markets.

Maybe some of us will never go back.

Either way, the strike was a difficult time for employees,

employers and the public combined. It's good news for all of us that

this work stoppage has ended.

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