* Obey school-zone speed-limit signs. The speed...

* Obey school-zone speed-limit signs. The speed limit when children

are present in a school zone is 25 mph.

* Always stop for school buses that are loading or unloading


* Drive without distractions. Don't use cellphones, eat, apply

makeup, shave or do anything that could take your attention from the


* Avoid U-turns in school zones, congested areas or close to an


* Don't park, even temporarily, where it is illegal.

* Always pull to the curb when dropping off or picking up


* Pedestrians should cross only at corners, so drivers can see


* Always use a crosswalk when it is available. But remember that

painted lines can't stop cars.

* Cross only on a new green light, so you have time to cross


* Never cross the street from between cars. Drivers can't see you.

* If sidewalks are not provided, walk on the left side of the

road, facing traffic, so you can see oncoming cars.

-- Courtesy of the Newport Beach Police Department and the

Automobile Club of Southern California.

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