Thanks for the budget cuts

This is to speak up in favor of Costa Mesa Mayor Allan Mansoor's

recent paring of the city budget.

The usual suspects are crying poverty because a little bit of

their "entitlement" got nicked.

However, I believe that nearly everything that governments are

doing these days is unconstitutional.

The tax-and-spend mentality has been driving government in this

country since 1913. It is now taking nearly half of our production,

counting all the taxes and regulations that bedevil us.

It's good, for a change, to see a mayor with the guts to tell some

special interest group that it can't have any more of its neighbors'

money. We've been needing somebody like that in Costa Mesa for years.

So keep it up, Mr. Mayor. Go through that budget and cut away all

the redistributionist, welfare-state spending, and confine the City

Council's activities to protecting our rights, and nothing else. All

"health and welfare" activities can be more efficiently handled by

the private sector.

And to all you members of the entitlement class, stop whining.

Stop being so helpless. Show some independence and get out there and

earn your own money. I'm tired of being forced to support you.

Run bake sales, car washes or what-have-you to earn the money for

your pet projects. If your program has community support, you will

get the money. If not, you won't.

And stop asking the government to rob your neighbor on your

behalf. Taxation is theft. Stealing is stealing, even when done by

majority vote.


Costa Mesa

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