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Join more than 40 galleries throughout Laguna Beach on the first Thursday of each month for a festive cultural evening from 6 to 9 p.m. Free shuttle service starts from the Laguna Art Museum and Bluebird Center at 6:15 p.m. and runs until 8:45 p.m. Information: or (949) 683-6871. (*Denotes galleries that participate in the First Thursday Art Walk.) The next Art Walk will be June 7.

*Laguna Art Museum

307 Cliff Drive


(949) 494-8971

The museum’s current exhibitions are as follows:

  • “East Coast/West Coast and Beyond: Colin Campbell Cooper, American Impressionist,” through June 3.
  • “Jeremy Kidd: Fictional Realities,” through May 27. Lecture by Kidd 1 p.m. Sunday.
  • “Fast Forward Laguna: Art from St. Catherine Catholic School,” through May 27.
  • Museum Store Gallery: “New York: Photographs by Christopher Bliss.”
  • Ongoing:


  • “California Art from the Permanent Collection: Part II, 1930s to 1950s.”


    Brooks Gallery

    3251 Laguna Canyon Road

    (949) 448-0259

    Featuring oil paintings by Fitz Maurice, sculpture, furniture and unique pieces from New Mexico.

    *Laguna College of Art and Design

    2222 Laguna Canyon Road


    (949) 376-6000

    Gallery hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday; Saturday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Admission free.

  • Senior Fine Arts Exhibition at Gallery 7, 891 Laguna Canyon Road.
  • Collector’s Choice fundraiser June 2.
  • *[seven-degrees] gallery

    891 Laguna Canyon Road

    (949) 376-1555

  • May: Laguna Beach resident and artist Serge Armando presents Neo-Geo-Classicism.



    *Peter Blake Gallery

    326 No. Coast Highway

    (949) 376-9994


    A source for modern and contemporary art since 1992.

  • May: New landscape paintings by Jeff Peters and seascapes by Robert Porte.
  • *Sue Greenwood Fine Art

    (Formerly Greenwood/Chebithes Gallery)

    330 No. Coast Highway

    (949) 494-0669

  • May: Robert La Duke, Francis Livingston.
  • *Laguna North Gallery

    376 No. Coast Highway

    (949) 494-4324

  • May: Watercolors by Laurie Downey and Julie Christianson-Dull.
  • *Lu Martin Galleries

    372 No. Coast Highway

    (949) 494-8074

  • May: Featured artist Paco Garcia’s new paintings of the Italian countryside and Laguna coastline.
  • *Marion Meyer Contemporary Art

    354 No. Coast Highway

    (949) 497-5442


  • Through June 17: Constance Edwards Scopelitis, “The Power of Presence,” six large figurative paintings. Also featuring Paula Schoen, Candice Eisenfeld and Enrico Armas.
  • Rohrer Fine Art

    346 No. Coast Highway

    (800) 949-5211

    Featuring works by old masters and contemporary artists.

  • Through June 2: Golden Age exhibition.
  • *Sandstone Gallery

    384A No. Coast Highway

    (949) 497-6775

  • May: Featuring “Black and White,” paintings on paper by Marge Chapman, with “The Violin in Art” sculpture and paintings by Howard Hitchcock and “Window to Elsewhere” paintings in oil by Hyatt Moore.
  • *Whitney Gallery

    350 No. Coast Highway

    (949) 497-4322

    Featuring paintings by Marc Whitney, figures, interiors, landscapes and still life. Also Giovanni Casadei, Sara Webber, Peggi Kroll-Roberts, Andrea Krupp and David Shevlino.

  • May: New work by Marc Whitney.

    *Dawson Cole Fine Art

    326 Glenneyre St.

    (949) 497-4988

  • Through June: “Moments of Splendor -- Celebrating Beauty and the Joy of Dance.” Select sculpture, paintings and drawings by Richard MacDonald.
  • *Diane DeBilzan Gallery

    224 Forest Ave.

    (949) 494-5757

  • Through June: Featuring work by contemporary artists: William DeBilzan, Troy Poeschl, Gerard Basil Stripling, Louis Longi and Andrew Myers.
  • *Endangered Planet Gallery

    384 Forest Ave., Suite 13

    (949) 497-5690

  • May: Keef Ward: “Re:Cycle.” New work from this San Francisco artist.

    *Coolsville -- Roark’s Studio Gallery

    1143 So. Coast Highway

    (949) 376-2048

  • Through June: Roark’s spring line of 2.5-dimensional wall sculptures (“dimensional canvases”), showcasing party scenes, landscapes, still life and more.
  • *Cove Gallery

    1294 So. Coast Highway., Ste. B

    (949) 494-1878

  • May: Guest artist Becky Prelitz’s dramatic encaustic abstracts, using beeswax and natural pigment.
  • Emanuel Dale Photographic Arts

    1276F So. Coast Highway

    (949) 573-0704

  • “The Atlantic Coast and Beyond,” artist reception monthly during Art Walk.
  • *DeRu’s Fine Arts

    1590 So. Coast Highway

    (949) 376-3785

  • May: “Laguna’s Early Art Colony:” Early California impressionist paintings by the colony’s founding members.
  • Diana Ferrone Gallery

    1951 So. Coast Highway

    (949) 715-1842

    Original works by established and emerging contemporary artists from around the globe.

  • New works by Darren Grant.
  • Saturday: Opening reception for Kathy Buist.
  • June 2: World Abundance reception.
  • *Matt Hamilton Gallery

    1590 So. Coast Highway

    (949) 376-0400

  • Through June: Showing American contemporary art; currently featuring Luc Leestemaker’s recent works.
  • *Mandarin Fine Art Gallery

    1294C So. Coast Highway

    (949) 376-9608

  • Saturday: Fashion show by Sandie Ward, 7 p.m., $10 admission.
  • *William Merrill Gallery

    611 So. Coast Highway

    (949) 464-0067

  • May: Group exhibition featuring Paul Ecke, Ken West, Steven Larson and introduction of abstract artist, Danae Anderson.
  • *Miranda Galleries

    417 So. Coast Highway

    (949) 497-4491

  • Through June: Group shows.
  • Pacific Edge Gallery

    540 So. Coast Highway, No. 112

    (949) 494-0491

  • 20th anniversary exhibition Saturday through June 29, featuring Maria Bertran and Tom Swimm. Artist reception 6 to 9 p.m. Saturday.
  • *The Redfern Gallery

    1540 So. Coast Highway

    (949) 497-3356

  • May: Small easel paintings by the early California impressionists, from 1890 to 1940.
  • *Situ Art Gallery

    1294-A So. Coast Highway

    (949) 376-6703

    A new gallery featuring oil paintings.

  • May: Realism figure and landscape paintings.
  • *Studio Arts Gallery

    At the Old Pottery Place

    1200 So. Coast Highway

    (949) 376-1619

  • May: Featuring guest pastelist Clark Mitchell.

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