Why so few sewer project workers?

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following was addressed to Laguna Beach City Manager Ken Frank.

If the City and CalTrans have a mutual goal of expediting the sewer construction project on Coast Highway at Nyes Place in order to minimize the disruption in traffic flow and the hardship to local businesses and residences, perhaps you can find out why there are so few workers (and so little work getting done) at the site each work day.

I drive through the work site at least twice every day, usually about 10 a.m. and again about 3 p.m. Each work day since the barricades went up I have counted the number of workers on the job every time I pass through. My admittedly rough count each time has been from zero to five workers at the site at any one time. I cannot imagine that more workers wouldn’t translate into a faster-moving project!



Laguna Beach

Voiding of tickets shows police care

I want to extend a sincere thank you to Sgt. Bob Raehauser, Traffic Service Supervisor, and the Laguna Chief of Police. Upon receiving a letter from me they have voided all 36 traffic tickets that were handed out Nov. 4 at Anneliese’s School during the community gathering and mass healing for young Christofer Krajec.


It is so wonderful to know that our police force is not just taking advantage of any opportunity they can to write tickets but, if informed and it is within the law, does care about being a part of what makes this community one of the greatest places in America to live.

Most everyone here in Laguna takes pride in what they do. And most everyone does their work with zeal and passion"¦ as do the police. But what makes us really great is not just each selfishly pursuing the best for themselves or their department but the terrific community spirit and caring about one another that binds us all together.

That is why when something like the police voiding 36 citations for a cause greater than themselves happens, I want everyone to know about it"¦for it makes my heart swell with joy to live here.


Laguna Beach