I Rescued A Dog, Help!

Cathy Duckworth
Citizen Correspondent

I could not even imagine that adopting 10 pounds of white Malte-Poo fluff, named Daisy, could turn my household upside down. Not quite sure what to expect with a pet that was not under my care since birth, and not really knowing what the true background of the animal was, I still knew the right thing to do was to go the rescue adoption route rather than purchase through a pet store. Was she abandoned and abused? Did she have behavioral problems that I would not be able to deal with?

From what I can tell, it turns out my little adoptee was far from being abused and neglected, thank goodness, and got along very well with our other two Labradors. Yet, she did show signs of being misguided and anxious. Translation: Doing her business in the house and openly disobeying my commands. I checked the local city community calendar for dog training, but their sessions were in a couple of months, I desperately needed help now. I found Vladae the Russian dog trainer (known as the Dog Wizard) on the Internet by pure luck, and I mean luck! Surprisingly, the cost for the at-home training with Vladae was not much more expensive then the community class. I factored in that one on one training of both pet and pet owner held more value. Also, the classes are held at your home, which is very convenient.

Prior to Vladae’s arrival for our first class, I kept telling Daisy, “the Russian is coming!” Well, the Russian arrived and within a few minutes little Miss Daisy was quite obedient. Vladae speaks “doglish,” which is a language that I have come to respect. He speaks to the dog on her own level with different sounds and tones. I know it sounds silly, but the tones he uses are growls and howls which actually allows for the best to be brought out in your pet. I learned proper commands to gain the respect of my dog and become the pack leader. Vladae helped me solve Daisy’s behavior problems within just a few sessions. Our family is very pleased with the results.

What it comes down to is that we all love our animals. We find such joy with them and can’t imagine our lives without them. With any pet, adopted or not, the better trained they are the happier and more content we all are. I strongly recommend if you are to adopt a rescue dog, you get the right training from the very beginning. Vladae has made a world of difference.

I found Vladae on his website . He was quite accomplished in the Detroit area for years. Luckily, we now have him here in Orange County.