MAILBAG: Public art should only be from local artists

Public art is becoming a “hot topic" both here in Laguna and in Pasadena where last week the art issue became so heated that an arts commissioner resigned over “inappropriate council interference" in artistic decisions.

Yet the real problem in both communities where we reside is a lack of public participation in the selection process.

If we expect art that is valued by local citizens, then they need to be involved. So in Pasadena, even after the expenditure of $150,000, the council has required the Arts Commission to hold a series of public meetings where the commission and the public will review the existing Public Art guidelines and come to agreement on new ones.

Among the requirements being discussed is that the city’s public art should be produced by local artists as opposed to the famous German artists the Commission hoped to import.


In Laguna, the long-time home or painting venue of so many famous California painters, this requirement should be mandatory.

So should an open and receptive attitude toward residents who continue to work so hard to keep this such a special community.


Laguna Beach



New community center raises many questions

Now that the Community Center is built, and I took my first class at the center last week, I have questions to the City Council, Planning Commission and Design Board that built this new structure.

Where are the bike racks? I rode my bike and was shocked to find no place at this community center to park my bike.

I counted four trees planted around this enormous building structure. Really? Only four trees?

Is parking as many cars as possible and the building size the only focus you had?

As I took my yoga class, I heard very loud hip-hop music coming from the dance class next door.

Is there going to be better acoustic installation for each activity room, so the noise from other rooms is not heard?


Is this building as eco-friendly as possible "” solar heating/lighting, recycling bins? Water conservation?

As the city continues to grow, what action plans are in place to deal with more traffic at this center? What about mass transportation?

I hope my questions will be answered. I am listening.

I only want the best for this center, and for the community to enjoy it and be proud of what it will represent.


Laguna Beach

Pearson tax stance gets applause

Thanks to [Councilwoman] Elizabeth Pearson for standing up for what she thought was in the best interest of her city, Laguna Beach, when she supported the temporary sales tax to repair the Bluebird Canyon slide damage.


Evidently, from press reports, she damaged her chances for other elected offices because she stood up to that lock-step old boys club which demands adhering to the party line. Thank you, Elizabeth for your integrity. We are in your debt.