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Laguna Heroes celebrated

School Power has helped launch an innovative media arts project at Laguna Beach High School this year. For the last few months, filmmaker and educator Wendy Milette has been mentoring students in Pam MacKay’s Video Class at Laguna Beach High School The goal is for students to create short hero videos that will be shared in class and online. Selected works will be presented at the upcoming Laguna Hero Festival to be held May 28, 2009 at {seven=degrees}

Wendy Milette was an instructor at the Community Learning Center in the early 80’s. She went on to earn her masters in film at USC and returned to Laguna Beach to run the The MY HERO Short FILM FESTIVAL in 2005.

Wendy has brought her love of digital storytelling back to Laguna with MY HERO’s annual Laguna Hero Festival.

The funds from school power help bring this resourceand Wendy’s skills to students in the local community.


Wendy explains, “We begin the workshops brainstorming about heroes and heroism  using short films on the website as inspiration. Then students decide on a hero, or an organization helpng others in the community or an aspect of the concept of heroism they want to explore.

Students then work in teams to produce short videos ranging from 2 - 10 minutes in length. Some of this year’s short films highlight the work of the Marine Mammal Center,pay tribute to drama teacher, Mr. Dressler.  Another short film honors the work of The Invisible Children Organization who brings awareness to the child soldiers of Uganda.One special project celebrates Skipper Carillo on and off the baseball field.”

Students working with Thurston’s Video teacher, Andy Crisp, are just getting started on their hero projects and we are excited to see what hero stories they decide to tell.

The MY HERO Project welcomes submissions of short videos and artwork  that celebrates heroes from Laguna Beach from all community members for the 2nd annual Laguna Hero Festival.


The Laguna Hero Festival is made possible with support from the City of Laguna Beach.

The deadline to submit short films and art work for the Laguna Hero Fest is May 1, 2009

All are invited to attend the Laguna Hero Fest

May 28th aqt 7pm at [seven-degrees]

RSVP required.

949.376.5964 for more info.