Cottages moving again?

Three cottages moved from Third Street and stored at Big Bend may be relocated to a privately owned, adjacent vacant property.

The relocation is subject to approval of property owner Paul Gonzales’ proposal to incorporate the cottages into an artist live/work project he is developing for his Laguna Canyon properties, which include the former Berkeley Teleconics.

“He does not have an approval of his project, and I still have some reservations,” City Manager Ken Frank said during the Sept. 1 City Council meeting.

“Various people have expressed interest [in the cottages], but nothing has come to fruition. To make this deal viable, I have suggested the city give [Gonzales] a strip of land and in return get an easement on his driveway for the city parcel,” Frank said.


The driveway needs Caltrans approval, which the city will try to help Gonzales obtain.

Gonzales also will pay the city $50,000.

The council agreed at the meeting to extend the expired temporary-use permit for the storage of the cottages at Big Bend for another two years and the conceptual lot line adjustment.