Steve Schultz

Name: Steve Schultz

Age: 26

Birthplace: Fountain Valley

How long have you lived in Fountain Valley? 26 years

Occupation: teacher/writer

Education: bachelor's degree in Sociology from Cal State Long Beach, teaching credential in English/teaching credential in sociology from Cal State Long Beach

Previously elected or appointed positions: Volunteer intern in the Fountain Valley city manager’s office, member Fountain Valley Summerfest Committee

Community organizations you belong to: member, Fountain Valley Chamber of Commerce, volunteer, Fountain Valley Community Foundation, volunteer fundraiser for Fountain Valley High School's "Full Speed Ahead" campaign, volunteer fundraiser for Fountain Valley Educational Foundation — ScienceWorks Program, member, Kiwanis Club of Fountain Valley
What do you think are the biggest issues facing Fountain Valley right now?

The biggest issue is the decreasing revenue of city funds which have caused cuts to essential city services. During the May City Council meeting, it was stated that the city would have a $3.7-million deficit this year and a $9.3-million deficit in the 2011-12 fiscal year, which would deplete city reserves and the ability to operate the city.

Our beloved city has become a place people drive through instead of a destination for business. More and more companies are leaving Fountain Valley to set up shop in nearby towns. Many businesses are afraid to come here all together because of outdated policies. As Richard McDermott said in the April 7, 2009, City Council meeting, it is difficult to keep businesses in his building on Warner Avenue Bushard Street because of prohibitive requirements by City Hall.

What is one decision in the last year the City Council got right and why would you have supported it?

Approving Summerfest was the right decision. As a member of the Summerfest Committee for the past two years, Summerfest has been the city’s marquee community building event of the whole year. Summerfest provides a safe and friendly place for families to spend time and the community to come together. Over the past two years, thanks to the efforts of Mark Nix and my fellow Summerfest Committee members, we have raised more than $80,000 for local nonprofits.

What is one decision in the last year the City Council got wrong, or partially wrong, and why would you have voted differently?

The council got it wrong with its recent decision to eliminate most of the crossing guards in Fountain Valley. They missed an opportunity to reach out to the community and ask for one of our many community service clubs such as Kiwanis or the Community Foundation to step up and pay the price for the crossing guards. I have witnessed crossing guards save the life of a child from speeding cars on many occasions. The decision to eliminate our crossing guards who protect our children brought a very small savings to the city budget but took away an important service to the families of Fountain Valley. This goes back to the main issue of council having to make so many cuts because of the decline of city revenue that has happened on their watch.

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