Chad Petschl

Name: Chad Petschl
Age: 35
Birthplace: Minneapolis
How long have you lived in Costa Mesa? since March 2009
Occupation: sales
Education: bachelor's degree from University of Minnesota
Previously elected or appointed positions: N/A
Community organizations you belong to: N/A
What do you think are the biggest issues facing Costa Mesa right now? Key issues would be making sure the city's budget is balanced, promoting small business opportunities to catapult the local economy and keeping the city safe.
What is one decision in the last year that the City Council got right and why would you have supported it?
The declaration that Costa Mesa is a "Rule of Law" city. I felt it sent a strong message that laws are what keep us civil and safe.
What is one decision in the last year that the City Council got wrong, or partially wrong, and why would you have voted differently? The deal between the city and Facilities Management West Inc. to buy the Orange Count Fairgrounds from the city. It gives Facilities Management the ability to parcel off land without any approval. Over time, I believe the fairgrounds will not entirely remain the fairgrounds as we know it to be today. I would have voted for a deal that would have stipulated the parcels could not be broken up into individual parcels for new development. This is based on my belief that the majority of residents in Costa Mesa would prefer to keep the fairgrounds intact for future generations.

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