Judith Edwards

Name: Judith Edwards

Age: 70

Birthplace: St. Louis

Residence: Fountain Valley   

Occupation: retired teacher, supervisor currently Chapman University       

Education: bachelor's degree in education, master's degree om administration education and special education

Experience as an educator: 25 years teaching students with disabilities. Currently working with student teachers at Chapman University who are training to become special educators

Previously elected or appointed positions: elected in 1998 to Fountain Valley school board, have retained that seat since, elected and served as president of

Community organizations you belong to:
past president of Fulton PTO, and SPC, delegate Assembly of California School Boards Assn., supporter of Shrines Hospital for Children

Why should constituents vote for you?

Because I have the experience and the desire to continue to serve this community. I have worked to help this district maintain excellence in staff and curriculum. For the past 12 years we have proudly maintained our position as the highest ranked elementary district in Orange County, and I would like to see us keep that position.

What do you think is the biggest problem facing your district and how do you plan to address it?

The biggest problem is the lack of money from the state and federal governments. We continue to be asked to provide the same programs and services with less and less revenue each year.  

In the last year, what is one issue that you think the sitting board members handled well and why?

I believe that despite the fact that we had declining funds we were able to save the music and the science programs. The music program is supported by our foundation and we have found some new ways to help with the portion that we as a district pay. The science program is being assisted by the help of grants and some very dedicated staff who have worked to find new ways to make the programs work for less.

In the last year, what is one issue the board got wrong and what would you have done differently?

I really don’t think that we got anything wrong. We worked hard in difficult financial times to make do with less. We want our students to not suffer. We regret that we were forced to cut reading specialists and class size reduction but we tried to support the students and the teachers with the implementation of Parent Academy, a program while different at each site, helps fill some of the holes left by these programs.

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