Who says you can't change a man?

NEWPORT BEACH — Shelli Stutz believes inside every man lies a charming, suave individual, but before getting to that side, he often requires a little "fixing."

Stutz is the sole owner and operator of ManFixer, a one-on-one consulting business geared toward helping men achieve personal goals.

The requests she gets range from an improved sense of fashion and how to boost confidence to, say, how to ask a woman out on a date or get internal overhauls that seek to change their professional, personal and home lives, she said.

And after six years in Beverly Hills, Stutz is moving her business to Newport Beach.

As the so-called ManFixer, Stutz works with clients anywhere from a one-time engagement to a long-term personalized program, which ranges from $5,000 to $15,000.

"A lot of my clients have gone to life coaches, therapists or matchmakers, trying to find out why they're unhappy," Stutz said. "After I'm done with them, they won't need any of that. It's about finding internally what's missing and what they need to fulfill their lives."

Stutz was a recent graduate from Cornell Law School and working in a Santa Monica law firm when the idea for the ManFixer first started taking shape.

"I was working alongside these powerful, successful men, and I was fascinated how they acted in the office compared to out of the office," Stutz said. "It was like they were literally two different people.

"And I was shocked that they weren't happier. I realized that there is this huge segment of guys who work their whole lives to get to this ideal place, but then find they are not fulfilled."

Stutz said her qualifications to be a fixer of men are that she "has always sort of been doing it. (My) guy friends have always been trying to get me to fix them up. It's always been a passion of mine."

Stutz begins each ManFixer program with a consultation and evaluation. After a client identifies the areas on which he would like to work, Stutz begins an evaluation process that requires her to go deep into her client's life.

She may job shadow a client to see how he interacts with his coworkers, take a look at his home to see how he's set up his most intimate and comfortable spaces, or even set up a mock date if it's the area of his life where he wants to improve most.

None of her clients were available for interview. Stutz guarantees confidentiality.

In one of the anonymous testimonials on her website, ManFixer.com, a client wrote, "If it weren't for Shelli, I think it's fair to say my wife never would have married me. Shelli helped me prioritize my life, gave me a new perspective, and set me on a course I would never found on my own."

The bulk of her clients are men in their 40s. And while for the most part she says they approach her, the occasional wife or girlfriend solicits her services on behalf of her significant other.

However, as with any self-improvement program, the strength of an individual's commitment directly impacts the level of success, she said.

The man won't change if he doesn't want to.

"In as little as 30 days, they're going to see immense changes and results," Stutz said. "But it's up to them to go forward with it."

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