Michael Vo

Name: Michael Vo    

Age: 47        

Birthplace: South Vietnam

How long have you lived in Fountain Valley? 22 years

Occupation: businessman        

Education: I have more than 20 years of real world business experience and am just a few units short of a bachelor's degree.

Previously elected or appointed positions: I am a businessman, not a politician. This will allow me to help balance the budget by increasing efficiency and working with local businesses to bring new jobs to Fountain Valley.

Community organizations you belong to: Fountain Valley Republican Assembly, Vietnamese Catholic Professional & Business in USA, Million Dollar Round Table Member since 2006, California Assn. Insurance and Professional Assn. Life Member

What do you think are the biggest issues facing Fountain Valley right now?

The economy. New businesses are choosing neighboring cities over Fountain Valley and reduced sales tax revenue has contributed to a budget deficit and reductions in city services. To maintain essential city services like public safety and infrastructure maintenance we need to balance the budget and restore lost sales tax revenue. I will also work to increase efficiency and cut waste at City Hall.

What is one decision in the last year the City Council got right and why would you have supported it?

The City Council gets lots of decisions right. Almost every vote is 5 to 0 and if I were on the council, I would have voted that way because there are many votes on relatively simple issues that are necessary to the day-to-day management of the city.

What is one decision in the last year the City Council got wrong, or partially wrong, and why would you have voted differently?

My disagreement with the council is not based on any single vote. Instead, I differ with them on philosophy and the proper role of a council member. I’m not running for City Council to collect a paycheck or get medical benefits. I will donate 100% of my city salary to local charities and would encourage my colleagues to do the same. We can also do more to improve the business climate in our city. Making it easier to do business in Fountain Valley will help increase sales tax revenue.

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