Art chosen for Heisler Park

Three pieces of art by a team of local artists were selected Tuesday to satisfy the city's obligation to provide public art for the Heisler Park renovation project.

The City Council unanimously approved the proposal by Scott and Naomi Schoenherr from the 42 entries submitted for the commission. The components of the Schoenherrs' proposal include a sculpture and two benches, connected by sidewalk murals.

"We tried to do a piece that reflected the environment," Scott Schoenherr said.

"Time Connected," circles of natural stone and ceramics mounted on a plinth, will be installed in a planter at the entrance of the sculpture garden.

Four paths inlaid with stainless steel murals of swimming fish will connect the sculpture with the two benches.

"Continuous Rotation" will be a bench almost 10 feet long, almost 5 feet tall and more than 5 feet wide.

The second bench, "Tidal Pull," will measure 18 inches high, 7 feet long and 5 feet, 8 inches wide.

"Our goal for 25 years has been the promotion of Laguna Beach," said Karyn Philippsen, bureau president for 20 years. "We think we have done it well.

The Arts Commission unanimously recommended the Schoenherrs' work after reviewing the submittals of the four finalists at the Feb. 14 meeting. The City Council has final approval.

Before the selection, Commission Chairwoman Mary Ferguson asked staff to read the poem, "Sparkle (Giggle Crack)" by Shelley Cooper, to which the art proposals were required to relate.

Words from the poem will be included in the pathway murals to be constructed by the Schoenherrs.

This is the second Schoenherr proposal to be selected by the Arts Commission. Their work previously was chosen for the façade of the public restrooms in the parking lot between Ocean Avenue and Forest Lane.

"It is one of the prettiest pieces in Laguna Beach," said Mary Ferguson, commission chairwoman.

The Schoenherrs were the only locals among the finalists, but that was not a factor in their selection, Commissioner Pat Kollenda said.

The installation will fulfill the art in public places provision in the city's code that requires art or an in-lieu payment for non-residential projects valued at $225,000 or more.

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