Man evades police, gets arrested

John Yun was driving down Slater Avenue on Saturday night with his headlights off.

When a Huntington Beach officer saw him, he flashed his lights to alert him.

And that's when things took an unexpected turn, said Lt. Russell Reinhart. Instead of turning his headlights on, Yun, 36, made a quick turn into a residential area.

The officer made a u-turn and followed Yun, but when he found the car, it was empty, Reinhart said. Residents told the officer they saw someone running through backyards. The officer called for backup and enlisted the helicopter's help to locate him.

As it turns out, Yun, a Lake Forest resident, was allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. But it wasn't his first time.

It was Yun's fifth time getting caught driving under the influence, according to Reinhart and court records.

He was located in a flood control channel in the area and arrested on suspicion of resisting arrest, possession of marijuana, felony for driving under the influence and driving on a completely revoked driver license from his four prior convictions that span the last 10 years, Reinhart said.

He pleaded not guilty Tuesday.

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