City moves first charter town hall meeting

COSTA MESA — City officials moved up a day a scheduled informational meeting on a city charter proposed to go on the June ballot.

The city charter discussion will now be at 7 p.m. Jan. 4 at the Neighborhood Community Center, 1845 Park Ave. The meeting will outline what powers a city charter, or constitution, what is put in the city's hands instead of in Sacramento's, and the process of how the charter gets on the ballot.

Residents can also offer input on what they think should be in the charter; it will be their first chance to do so in person outside a three-minute public comments window during council meetings.

Residents can let know the council what they know ahead of time by going to the city's website There is a "weigh in on the charter" button on the front page at that allows residents to email their thoughts to the council members.

A charter can change term limits, restrict council members' pay, create taxes, and change election dates and requirements if citizens add it to the document. The city's proposed charter is in its earliest stages, but as of now would limit council's pay and require voters to approve increases to worker benefits.

—Joseph Serna

Twitter: @JosephSerna

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