Restaurant settles lawsuit involving racial slurs

A Corona del Mar man's federal lawsuit alleging that racial epithets were put on his restaurant receipts has been settled, court records show.

In his civil complaint filed last March, Mark McHenry says he found the N-word and variants of it on several of his receipts from the popular Landmark Steakhouse in Corona del Mar.

Some of the

receipts, according to the complaint, also included remarks like "Black is the new white" and indicated that McHenry was "getting served before the white people."

The amount of the settlement was not disclosed.

In his lawsuit, McHenry, 49, said after the racial slurs appeared on his receipts, a Landmark bartender repeatedly called and texted him with "desperate apologies" to avoid being fired. A manager wrote on his Facebook page months after the incident saying "Miss you Brohhhh!!!".

Landmark partner Mario Marovic called the situation "very unfortunate" and said the restaurant took immediate action by investigating and later firing the employee responsible for the remarks.

"My feelings are pretty much the same as from the beginning," Marovic said. "[I'm] sorry the whole thing happened."

He said the actions of the employee do not represent the values of the restaurant, which strives to conduct itself ethically.

Marovic wouldn't discuss the details of the suit, but court documents show the case was dismissed earlier this month.

McHenry did not return calls for comment.

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