Top of the World teacher uses iPod for lessons

Top of the World Elementary School teacher Linda Barker has integrated innovative instructional techniques, such as the iPod touch, into her second-grade classroom, according to a news release.

"As we look to the future of students' use of technology, I believe we are seeing a natural progression in the use of hand-held technology," Principal Ron La Motte said in a statement. "Students are already adept at using smart phone technology and they have a natural connection to small, hand-held devices. As we look for ways to increase student participation with technology, the use of iPods are not only efficient but also cost effective compared to the use of other equipment. We are also seeing more and more applications being created for the iPods, which will assist with differentiation of instruction."

Barker attended two training workshops on how to best implement the iPod touch in the classroom, the release said. She uses the device to fine-tune her teaching lessons, and adapting it to fit the many learning styles of her students.

"Technology is transforming the way we approach everything, including how we teach," Barker said in statement. "This 21st century teaching tool helps me to integrate my instructional strategies with critical subject matter and offer an effective means to provide my students with the best opportunity to learn. I address concepts across the curriculum in science, math, language arts, spelling and social studies in a variety of ways such as audio textbooks and student created writing themes, harnessing the power of the Web in the classroom."

A SchoolPower Endowment Foundation Teacher Grant helped fund the iPod touches.

—Alisha Gomez

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