More National Merit Scholarship winners announced

The last of the winners of the 2012 National Merit Scholarship competition have been named.

From Corona del Mar High School, Nicholas Charles Roy won the college-sponsored scholarship for Northwestern University and states his likely career field as engineering, and Cort D. Hastings won for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a likely career choice of business.

Sage Hill School student Shannon R. Zhang won a $2,500.

Winners are announced April through July and split into three categories.

Some earn a $2,500 scholarship, some are corporate-sponsored scholars and some are college-sponsored scholars — all of whom are eligible for scholarships.

Students must go through several steps before being named a National Merit Scholar. All juniors who take the PSATs/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test are screened for entrance into the program. In September about 16,000 semifinalists, out of about 1.5 million who took the qualifying exam, were chosen. Those students received the highest scores of each state and represent less than 1% of the nation's seniors.

At that point the semifinalists had to submit a scholarship application, which includes an essay and a description of leadership positions and contributions in school and community activities, an outstanding academic record and an endorsement from a high school official.

They must also take the SAT and earn scores confirming their performance on the PSAT.

About 15,000 will be named finalists and about half of those will receive National Merit Scholarships.


Irvine scholarship winners

The winners of the $2,500 National Merit Scholarship from Irvine High School are: Alice Chen, Emily Chen, Johanna E. Lee, Bill Yeh and Karen Wen.

From Northwood High School: Andrew R. Dunn-Rankin and Janice Y. Gan.

From University High School: Anthony F. Chen and Kathy Liang.

From Woodbridge High School: Tobin S. Holcomb, Jessica M. Zhao and Dillon L. Zhi.

From Beckman High School: Jonathan Park.

Corporate-sponsored scholarship winners from Irvine High School are: Kelsey A. Chun, Rafee O. Masud and Jason Fang. From Northwood High School: Catherine Z. Dong, Geoffrey Keh Gao, Vivek Krishnan, Sean Minh Duc Nguyen, Eric Shiah and Timothy Y. Zhou. From University High School: Jason Core, Alexander Lin and Susan L. Xing

The college-sponsored scholarship winner from Irvine High School is: Shikhar Gupta for the University of Southern California.

From Northwood High School: Young Chen for USC, Amy Jang for USC, Brian Matthew Lim for USC, Christopher Sulistio for USC, Qinyue Li for Vanderbilt University, Audrey Nguyen for the University of Houston, Kevin J. Maroney for the University of Oklahoma and Emily M. A. Bishop for the University of Chicago.

From University High School: Ravi J. Bhatt for USC, Senxi Du for University of Chicago, Samuel R. Jeffrey for Vanderbilt University, Kha-Ai Nguyen for Westmont College, Amy L. Bui for Northeastern University, Solomon J. Jackman for University of Arizona, Rex S. Xu for USC, Paul R. Duncan for the University of Chicago and Michael N. Nguyen for USC.

From Woodbridge High School: Nicole M. Kennedy for Pepperdine University.

From Beckman High School: Kaiti Liu for USC.

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