Ex-U.S. swim coach ignored misconduct allegations, suit says

A former U.S. Olympic swimming coach ignored sexually inappropriate behavior between two of his co-workers and young athletes, according to a suit filed in Orange County Superior Court on Monday.

The complaint was filed by Dia C. Rianda, who worked for the Golden West Swim Club in Huntington Beach before being fired in July. Rianda claimed she was wrongfully terminated after allegedly warning coach Mark Schubert of the accusations and other inappropriate behavior.

Schubert is an eight-time Olympic coach who has worked with at least 26 Olympians, including Janet Evans. He was also named as head of the U.S. national team in 2006 before being abruptly dismissed in 2010. He was hired as the head coach at Golden West Swim Club in 2011.

The suit alleges that while Schubert was head of the U.S. national team, he helped recruit two of his friends to coach at the Fullerton Aquatics Sports Team. While with the Fullerton club, the two men engaged in inappropriate relationships with young athletes, the suit contends.

Schubert also allegedly hired a private investigator to get video or pictures of one of the coaches with the athletes, which Schubert allegedly used as leverage to obtain a $625,000 settlement from U.S. Swimming when he was dismissed in 2010, the suit alleges.

Schubert also failed to promptly tell authorities about another coach who had a sexual relationship with a swimmer in the 1980s. When he finally told U.S. Swimming officials about it, they also failed to act, according to the suit.

"Nothing is being done to protect the children and everything is being done to protect the coaches," said Robert Allard, the attorney for Rianda.

This story was reported by Times Staff Writer Jason Song.

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