Newport Movember team is No. 1

He likely doesn't know it, but Goose Gossage can be credited in helping lead a Newport Beach team to national victory.

The former major league pitcher's distinctive facial hair so inspired John Cornuke, the captain of Team Nuclear, that he decided to grow some just like it.

Then Cornuke, along with more than 180 other guys, used their mustaches to inspire others to donate to Movember. They became the top fundraising team in America and fifth worldwide.

Their victory, though, is really for all men. The $177,195 that Team Nuclear raised throughout November will go toward Movember's initiatives supporting prostate and testicular cancer awareness and research.

Cornuke's original goal was for his team to raise $125,000.

"For us, it was a pretty lofty goal," Cornuke said. "To do as well as we did, we're quite excited about it."

The fundraising was "a testament to the area that we live in, the people we have on the team and going out to raise money for a worthy cause," Cornuke added.

Throughout Team Nuclear's three years of Movember fundraising, they've amassed more than their goals and gained membership along the way.

Though founded in Newport by locals, the team recruited members from throughout the country this year, Cornuke said, in a "if we can't beat you, let's join you" mentality.

Two other Newport-based teams — Mown It, of the Ulich & Terry LLP law firm, and Our Pleasure, comprised of several alumni from Corona del Mar and Newport Harbor high schools — raised $11,339 and $41,068, respectively.

But, after going for a Tom Selleck-style 'stache the first year, then something Kevin Costner might have in his second year, does Cornuke miss his Goose-inspired handlebar mustache?

Not at all. Neither does his family.

Getting rid of it was a "rebirth" and "cleansing experience," Cornuke said — all for a good cause, of course.

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Top 5 United States Movember teams

1.) Team Nuclear of November — $177,195

2.) PepsiCo USA PBC, Somers — $106,829

3.) Macquarie Group, U.S. — $84,539

4.) Nvidia U.S. — $83,024

5.) Bro Hymn — $69,195


Top 5 worldwide Movember teams

1.) Mo CIBC — $286,802

2.) Macquarie Group — $206,379

3.) Athabasca Oily Strands — $191,823

4.) Walton Canada — $185,748

5.) Team Nuclear — $177,195


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