Council votes for new parking restrictions

The Costa Mesa City Council had no old business or new business on its agenda Tuesday night, but that didn't mean there wasn't anything to be done.

As part of its consent calendar, the council unanimously approved new overnight parking restrictions for a section of Anaheim Avenue bordering Lions Park.

The parking spaces along the avenue between 18th and Center streets will now be subject to a "modified resident only" permit system. Under the system, which will cost $500 for new signs, permits will be required to park between midnight and 5 a.m. Throughout the rest of the day, the area's parking will be available for users of Lions Park, the Neighborhood Community Center and environs.

The Police Department has observed "illicit activities associated with parked vehicles" on that street, according to city staff, who also said 64% of the parking was occupied overnight. The restriction is expected to deter such activities.

Affected residents, including those in the Vendome condominium complex, will be able to register their vehicles and receive 24-hour parking permits for their guests. There is no fee for the permits.

Under the council-approved resolution, the city's transportation services manager will be also able to institute a similar permitting system for parking at the nearby sections of 18th Street and Park Avenue.

In their remarks, the council members complimented the volunteers and staff who worked on the past weekend's three-day 60th anniversary celebration.

Mayor Pro Tem Steve Mensinger informally asked about looking into creating a similar event for next year, though scaled down, and with another fireworks show.

The council also voted 3-2, with Councilwomen Sandy Genis and Wendy Leece dissenting, to cancel the Aug. 20 regular council meeting.

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