(Plays of 30 yards or more)

65 – Oronde Crenshaw (Costa Mesa) touchdown run

57 – Dalton O'Daly (Estancia) touchdown pass from Connor Brown

50 – Kage Kistler (Costa Mesa) pass from Oliver Ferris

47 – Braden Brahs (Corona del Mar) pass from Luke Napolitano

46 – Oronde Crenshaw (Costa Mesa) touchdown run

43 – Oronde Crenshaw (Costa Mesa) touchdown run

43 – Indiana Taylor (Estancia) kickoff return

43 – Quest Truxton (Newport Harbor) kickoff return

38 – Michael Schultz (Newport Harbor) field goal

36 – Michael Schultz (Newport Harbor) field goal

31 – Oronde Crenshaw (Costa Mesa) touchdown run

30 – Chance Siemonsma (Newport Harbor) run


CORONA DEL MAR — Junior end Parker Chase stuffs a run for no gain ... Chase tips a pass at the line to cause an incompletion ... Junior middle linebacker Hoyt Crance returns an interception 10 yards ... Sophomore more tackle Joe Anderson halts a run for a five-yard loss ... Chase halts a running play for a two-yard loss ... Crance recovers a fumble ... Crance halts ballcarrier for no gain ... Junior cornerback Chad Redfearn breaks up a pass ... Chase's pressure on quarterback forces an incomplete pass ... Junior cornerback Brett Greenlee nearly intercepts to break up a pass ... Greenlee intercepts at his own 12-yard line ... Greenlee halts a quarterback keeper for no gain ... Junior safety Barrett Barbato and Redfearn combine on a two-yard sack.

COSTA MESA — Good coverage by senior safety Oliver Ferris causes an incompletion and fourth down ... Senior linebacker Jonathan Dmitruk recovers a fumble ... Senior cornerback Jason Garcia intercepts a pass over the middle and returns it 13 yards ... Senior noseguard Joseph Quiroz and senior end Edgar Molina combine to sack the quarterback for an 11-yard loss ... Dmitruk stuffs a run for a one-yard loss ... Senior tackle Marco Zalpa stops a run for a three-yard loss ... Senior middle linebacker Oronde Crenshaw intercepts a pass over the middle and returns it several yards ... Junior end Will Padilla blows up a screen pass on fourth-and-three, stopping the receiver for no gain and causing a turnover-on-downs ... Molina sacks the quarterback for a two-yard loss ... Crenshaw intercepts a two-point conversion pass, keeping the Mustangs up by 10 points ... Senior cornerback Daniel Lawrence intercepts a pass ... Sophomore linebacker Jonathan Brucales stuffs a run for a seven-yard loss.

NEWPORT HARBOR — Sophomore lineman Caleb O'Neal stops a run for a short gain … Senior cornerback Cory Stowell defends a long pass … Junior end Brett Beaudette drops the quarterback for a two-yard loss on a designed run … Senior tackle Ramsey Hufford stuffs a run for no gain … Junior linebacker Keaton Cablay tackles the placeholder for a five-yard loss on a fake field-goal attempt run.

ESTANCIA — Sophomore linebacker DJ Davis intercepts a pass to stop a potential Laguna Beach scoring drive…Senior defensive end Arturo Ortega drops quarterback for a three-yard loss…Freshman defensive back Dylan Laurent makes a key, shoe-string tackle to prevent a touchdown run…Senior linebacker Diego Herrera takes down the quarterback for a six-yard loss… In back-to-back plays late in the first half, senior linebacker Diego Herrera tackles the quarterback for a five-yard loss…Sophomore defensive lineman Jason Jones harasses the quarterback into incomplete pass…Freshman Dylan Laurent makes another big stop of a runner who was headed toward the end zone on an apparent, long touchdown run…Senior linebacker Arturo Ortega tackles running back behind the line of scrimmage for a four-yard loss.

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