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Fitness Tools

  • Interval timers are often small in stature, but their benefits can be numerous. They can be used as a traditional timer, but they are most often used as timers for interval training styles like Tabata and to signify the beginning and end of fighting rounds. Interval timers may seem fairly simple, but not every interval timer can even come close to the best. These best interval timers in 2022 were selected because of the amount of features they offer like multiple sounds or vibrations, durability and convenience in home, gym, and outdoor settings, and ease of use with convenient easy to reach buttons and simple controls.
    January 08, 2015
  • Foam rollers are still overlooked in the fitness industry because people either think they’re a gimmick, or simply don’t understand how they work. The truth is foam rollers may be one of the more important pieces of exercise equipment ever invented. Foam rollers can be used for exercise, but they’re really made to help you stretch and work out tight muscles; it’s like giving yourself your own deep tissue massage.These best foam rollers in 2022 were chosen as best because of their different textures which make them more versatile to use, solid construction so they don’t fall apart the second you purchase them, and convenient, on-the-go size for use anywhere on your body without being awkward to maneuver.
    January 07, 2015
  • Adjustable weight benches are much cheaper than a full home gym, yet enable you to do most of the same movements using free weights. Unfortunately not all adjustable weight benches are the same and you could end up with a flimsy bench that can barely hold you and your weights. Weight benches are not exceptionally complicated so what sets the best weight bench apart from the worst can be very subtle. The best adjustable weight benches in 2022 on this list were selected because of their sturdy manufacturing materials and weight capacity, any extra features for enhancing your workout like a leg extension add on, and overall comfort thanks to a range of seat adjustments and padding options.
    January 05, 2015
  • Balance boards are functional pieces of fitness equipment that may not seem entirely useful to the naked eye, but there’s a reason they continue to grow in popularity in functional training. These boards are killer core strengtheners and mind-muscle connection builders suitable for the average Joe and professional athletes alike.The best balance boards of 2022 on this list were chosen as the best of the best because of their durability, their multi-functional uses outside of core training such as sport-specific training and leg strengthening, and their ability to increase the difficulty of other exercises. Take a look at our top picks and buyer's guide below.
    December 29, 2015
  • Medicine balls are one of the greatest tools when it comes to functional training. Their uses are nearly endless and they find their way into fitness programs from basic weight loss to extreme strength programs. There are multiple types of medicine balls and hundreds of brands, which makes choosing the best product a difficult task. The best medicine balls in 2022 were selected because of the high quality of manufacturing, like great stitching and zero seam burrs, being best at what they were made for like bouncing, throwing, or striking, and being available in a large variety of weights.
    December 19, 2014
  • Pedal exercisers as a whole don’t seem like much but they may be one of the most important cardio machines out there. One may question what could be so important about a machine which is basically a pair of bike pedals. However, it serves two important purposes as a machine for both rehabilitation as well as calorie burning.Pedal exercisers are especially important because they can serve as cardio machine for paraplegics as they are small and can easily sit on a table. A lot more than meets the eye goes into these exercisers which is why choosing the best is a difficult task. These best pedal exerciser in 2022 were chosen because of their quality materials and manufacturing, quiet and dependable resistance, and compact size for table top and floor use as well as easy storage.
    September 22, 2014
  • Ankle and wrist weights may be thought of as aerobic gear with very little application in a real workout, but that could not be further from the truth. These weights can be a major addition to many cardio and weight lifting programs and are far from the miniscule.While there are a lot of ankle and wrist weights on the market, unfortunately not all of them are all that great. Fortunately these best wrist & ankle weight in 2022 use comfortable materials that won’t irritate the skin or distract from your workout, are flexible enough to conform to most ankles and stay put during movement, and very durable thanks to water-resistant fabrics and tough stitching.
    September 05, 2014
  • There are many reasons to use hand grippers because a strong grip not only prevents injury, but it can actually help you lift more; plus a firm handshake can get your places in life. Even though many people choose to forgo grip strengthening there are still a fair amount of grip strengtheners on the market and not every single one of them can be relied on.These best hand gripper in 2022 were chosen because of their ergonomic and comfortable design which lets you focus on the squeeze and not the position of your hand, the quality of the parts which makes the gripper durable and long lasting, and most importantly the level and type of resistance offered.
    August 26, 2014
  • You would think there’s no way to improve on the most perfect exercise out there, but there is a way to make the push up even better. Traditional pushups are hands down the most complete exercise ever with the entire upper, and some of the lower, body involved in the movement but even the push up has its limitations. To be able to go deeper, relieve joint stress, and increase your movement variations you are going to want a push up bar. There’s a lot of bars and handles on the market so sorting through all of them may be a little difficult. However, on this list are the best push up bar in 2022 because of their sturdy bases, durable materials like steel and high grade plastics, grip comfort because of width and coated handles, and increased effectiveness in targeting muscles over a traditional push up.
    July 07, 2014
  • The weighted vest is a versatile tool to have in any workout arsenal as it can be used in both cardio and strength training workouts for added hands-free resistance. There’s a number of weighted vests on the market but not all of them are exactly the highest of quality; some manufacturers seem to simply throw a lumpy sandbag or weight stick into some nylon and call it a day. Sometimes you’re better off with lighter weights and a better fit which is why we’ve chosen these best weighted vests which offer perfect sizing fitted for most individuals, quality fabric and workmanship for long lasting use, and even-distribution of weights to optimize workout resistance.
    June 23, 2014
  • One may think a pull up bar is simply a pull up bar but the truth is subtle differences can make the difference between a viable piece of exercise equipment and another waste of money and space. There are multiple versions of pull up bars to suit the needs of any user whether they’re apartment dwellers, home owners, or garage exercisers. The pull up bars on this list made the cut because of their ease of installation, a minimum 300lb weight bearing capacity, safe and comfortable hand grips, and a suitable amount of options for grip placement.
    June 17, 2014
  • Ankle braces have all kinds of uses in both sport and everyday life such as physical rehabilitation, compression when recovering from injury, and preventative safeguard. There are hundreds of types of ankle braces out there designed for specific reasons from sports to daily use. The braces on this list were chosen as the best in class because of their popularity among athletes and everyday users, great design providing excellent stability and protection, and high end materials for long lasting comfort during extended periods of use.
    June 05, 2014
  • Exercise bands are one of the most brilliant exercise inventions ever made, offering the same or additional resistance and weighing less when compared to traditional dumbbells. They are easy to travel with and a handful of resistance bands can potentially replace an entire dumbbell set. Exercise bands can even recreate cable movements to open up your exercise options, something dumbbells can’t offer.The best resistance bands on this list were selected from criteria including the industry reputation of their manufacturer, long-lasting durability, and their variable range of resistance weight.
    May 06, 2014
  • Mini Trampolines, or rebounders, have gotten a bad reputation as a cheesy piece of equipment used in lame 80’s exercise videos. But the fact is they are an excellent piece of equipment that can offer a crazy cardio workout. Rebounders are actually making a comeback in the fitness industry and a lot of clubs are now offering rebounding classes. The trampolines on this list are widely considered the best in the industry. They are mostly portable, quiet, and offer a superior bounce to other rebounders on the market.
    April 22, 2014
  • To some a free standing pull up bar may seem a little frivolous but the truth is there are many legitimate reasons for this type of equipment. Many of these bars are portable so they are perfect for outdoor workouts. There is also the issue of not having a solid surface to attach a stationary bar to. While there are not a lot of differences between free standing pull up bars it is the little details that make the big difference. These bars made the list because of their solid construction, industry reputation, and individual features that set them apart from other bars on the market.
    March 21, 2014
  • Running is a sport of endurance and discipline, and these two components require a key accessory in order to be attained- comfort. No matter the length of time you run, or the frequency, it is important to be comfortable and accommodate your muscles and joints. Common complaints from runners include shin splints, sore ankles, and runner’s knee. These three ailments can be avoided by initiating proper care and support of the feet. With insoles, runners can remove repetitive strain from the ankles and knees. Ultimately, feet need to be supported to avoid the risk of long-term injuries, and insoles provide a world of difference for all foot shapes and sizes.
    May 07, 2012