Uplifting messages light up Costa Mesa neighborhood

Cheer up, Costa Mesa.

That’s the message in one Westside neighborhood, where children and their families have decorated windows and sidewalks with uplifting words.

“Keep smiling!” one poster encourages.

“One day at a time!” is scrawled across another banner.

At a time when most people are staying home except for walks nearby, the decorations add brightness to otherwise empty streets.

Costa Mesa Councilwoman Arlis Reynolds has come to enjoy the sights as she takes her dog Zoe for daily walks through her neighborhood.

“These walks have become the highlight of my day in these very stressful times as neighbors are making extra efforts to connect with each other and express our love and care for our community, while limited by the physical distancing precautions,” Reynolds said in an email.

“We see this in jokes drawn in chalk on the sidewalks; bears, rainbows and other artwork placed in windows; and messages of love and encouragement from neighbors to anyone walking by. These simple (and fun!) actions are meaningful reminders that none of us are alone — we are part of a community and surrounded by Costa Mesans who care and want to be helpful.

“I’ll be painting a rainbow for my front window this weekend!”

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