Huntington Beach residents and businesses mobilize to help Houston hurricane victims


A cavalcade of trucks and vans will depart Huntington Beach Monday night filled with donated goods for Houston hurricane victims.

It will be led by Misty Blu and Candice Kay, two Huntington Beach residents who have been coordinating a donation effort throughout the city this week in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

Blu said they thought up the idea of driving down donations during lunch a few days ago. The effort is personal for both women, who each have family in Texas.


Since they began talking about the idea, several businesses have volunteered to become donation drop zones.

“It’s ballooned into an incredible city-wide effort,” Blu said. “Donation sites keep popping up.”

As the amount of donations grew, Blu said a local man offered to store the items in his body shop.

“We are collecting anything and everything, because people have lost everything,” Blu said.

Aside from necessities like bottled water and toiletries, people are going to need phone chargers and products to keep them safe from the rampant mold left after flood water recedes, Blu said.

The group is also raising money. Johnny’s Saloon, a bar where Blu works, is donating funds from 50% of pizza sales and from the sale of hoodies and “The Whisty,” Blu’s signature drink.

On Monday, about 20 cars will leave for Texas. Blu said some of the vehicles were donated. A Home Depot in Santa Ana donated a van and others are allowing the use of their trucks.

Blu said they’ll be stopping in Austin first, where many of the Houston evacuees are staying, then will proceed to other areas. Blu said they’re going to Texas so the donations get to the source, rather than being funneled through an agency like Red Cross.

All donations must be received by 5 p.m. Sunday to make the trip, according to an online flier.

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Where to drop off items in H.B.

Bee Hive: 6431 Edinger Ave.

Crandall’s Plumbing: 18291 Gothard St.

Eat at Joe’s: 7120 Edinger Ave.

Ed’s Stumble In: 8896 Warner Ave.

HB Yoga Collective: 301 Main St.

Johnny’s Saloon: 17428 Beach Blvd.

Kit’s Place: 19476 Beach Blvd.

Mama’s on 39: 21022 Beach Blvd.

O’Connell’s Sports Pub: 19047 Bushard St.

Shanghai’d Room: 16391 Beach Blvd.

Surf City Accounting: 16162 Chipper Lane

Surf Dog Grill: 5932 Warner Ave.

Tattoo Gallery: 19921 Beach Blvd.

Zach’s: 405 Pacific Coast Hwy.