Regarding the issue of gay-straight alliance clubs, especially in light

of the Dec. 9 letter from Elizabeth Richards of Concerned Women for

America, Corona del Mar ("Gay-straight clubs are wrong," Dec. 9):

How embarrassing to the majority of Christians who desire to spread the

accepting love of Jesus that the most vocal opposition to gay-straight

alliance clubs comes from self-identified Christian voices?

These often are the ones who worked to get campuses open to religious

clubs; now they want to prevent the free-exercise rights of other good

citizens. Not agreeing with a club's point of view is one thing, but

organizing to prevent it is another.

The New Testament considers all sexual orientations as potentially

sinful. They are wrong if adulterous, promiscuous, unjust or yoked to the

worship of false gods.

The Apostle Paul simply asked that people not exercise sexuality other

than what is "natural" for them. I was created naturally heterosexual,

while some others were created naturally homosexual. So let's just all be

fair, civil and caring, which is the American, and certainly the

Christian, way.

Jesus said nothing about this matter. He only gathered into his community

those whom others thought outcast, and he chastised the intolerant.

Why aren't those who follow Jesus dedicating their efforts to matters

Jesus said much about? Take your pick: warfare, prejudice, insincerity,

adultery, divorce, gossip.

To focus in the name of Jesus on something Jesus said nothing about

reveals homophobia (an irrational and needless fear), no matter how much

it is disavowed.

And the credibility of Christian witness is further damaged before an

already skeptical public, which is in need, as we all are, of Jesus'



Pastor, Fairview Community Church

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