Army Pvt. Devon S. Ellisor graduated...

Army Pvt. Devon S. Ellisor graduated from basic infantry training

at Fort Benning in Columbus, Ga. Ellisor is the son of David Ellisor

of Laguna Beach and graduated from Laguna Beach High School in

1998.... On their recent journey to Mt. Shasta Gil Thibault and Larry


Pendleton managed to raise more than $2,400 for the Boys and Girls

Club of Laguna Beach. The Laguna residents decided to ask the public

to pledge funds to the club for every foot that the duo hiked. They

trained for four months to make the hike. They didn’t make it to the


top of the mountain, but far enough to raise money to bring the club

closer to its Capital Campaign goal of $2 million. That amount is

needed to trigger a $1 million challenge gift pledge by John and

Donna Crean of Newport Beach.

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