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Laguna Outreach reaches 20-year benchmark

Under sunny skies and plenty of optimism for the future, Laguna

Outreach celebrated its 20th anniversary at Woody’s at the Beach on

Sunday afternoon.

The event was festive, with a silent auction, entertainment, a


delicious lunch and a lot of socializing and camaraderie.

Laguna Outreach is a nonprofit, charitable group that

educationally and socially promotes the interest of gays and lesbians

and has more than 200 members throughout Orange County and Long



“Laguna Outreach is a great resource for the community with the

events they plan,” said Alford Harrison, Woody’s marketing director.

Outreach board member Vince Croome, who has been a Laguna resident

for more 20 years, said that there is a lot going on with the group,

including a gourmet group, potlucks and other activities.

“Laguna Outreach is overall the mother group, and we have small

groups within it,” Croome said. “Our general meeting is every other


month and the gourmet group meets once a month.”

They are looking to do more for gay youth, not only teens but also

gays and lesbians 18 to 25.

“We would like to see more youth participation,” said Joseph

Amster, Outreach board member.

Joel Herzer, a co-owner of Woody’s, lauds the work Laguna Outreach

does for the community.

“I think being part of something as long as they have is great for


us,” Herzer said.

“We’ve been working with Laguna Outreach over the last year,”

Harrison said. “Our Halloween party last year was a benefit party for

Laguna Outreach.”

For information, call 497-4231 or go to

--Suzie Harrison