Boo Blast is here

Be prepared to be afraid, very afraid, at this years Boo Blast.

OK, there’s probably only a little boo, but El Morro Elementary

promises that it will be a big blast.

The Boo Blast is El Morro’s annual fund-raiser for the school’s


assemblies, field trips, science aid, after school programs and

teacher’s grants.

The Boo Blast is from 2:30 to 7:30 p.m. today at the elementary

school. It will have rides, games booths, a haunted house, food,


snacks, a cake walk and bake sale.

“It pulls all four schools together,” Principal Joanne Culverhouse

said. “It’s a Laguna Beach event that all of Laguna Beach attends.”

The Boo Blast usually draws about 500 people.

Information: 497-7780.