Simple change is Kona Lanes' end

As the tenant and operator of Kona Lanes at Mesa Verde Center since

1980, my family and I wish to express our deep appreciation for the

patronage of our loyal customers during our long history at this

location. We are also pleased that many people have fond memories of

hours passed here in earlier, more vibrant times. Regrettably,

however, Kona Lanes will close its doors this summer, due to the

economic reality of our situation, regardless of whether or not the

Planning Commission's approval of Kohl's is overturned by the City


I would also like to take the opportunity to address a few major

misconceptions that have appeared in recent stories and letters in

the newspaper. It is clear to me that some city planners, elected

officials and residents are not aware of the true forces that control

the future of Kona Lanes.

We are not being evicted. People are mistaken if they believe the

Segerstroms are forcing us out. The exact opposite is true. The

Segerstroms have been fair and thoughtful landlords, and Kona Lanes

has stayed in operation in recent years only because of rent

concessions from the landowners. Were it not for these concessions,

Kona Lanes would have closed years ago.

In the last several years, the Segerstroms and I have discussed

the possibility of remodeling and reconfiguring Kona Lanes to restore

the vitality which the facility formerly had. The unavoidable truth

is that the nature of bowling and recreation in general has changed

since Kona Lanes was constructed more than 40 years ago. Upgrading

the existing Kona Lanes facility to modern bowling standards and

current building codes would be prohibitively expensive. It would be

equally costly to tear it down to build a new bowling center from

scratch. No one is to blame, and it is inappropriate to target the

Segerstroms, who have been excellent landlords.

Once again, we would like to thank the customers we have served

over the years and are grateful for the great times we have all

shared with the public.


Owner, Kona Lanes

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