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1. Newport Beach City Councilmen last week...

1. Newport Beach City Councilmen last week agreed with residents who

want the Army Corps of Engineers to do what?

A. Dump dredged sediment from the Santa Ana River offshore

B. Make the trains run on time


C. Clean out the Rhine Channel

D. Change its name to “Army Core of Engineers”

2. Newport-Mesa Unified School District Trustee Tom Egan accused

his colleagues of possibly doing what?


A. Flunking classes

B. Making fun of the “lunch lady”

C. Losing Measure A funds

D. Violating the state’s open-meeting law

3. Newport Beach last week became the third city in Orange County

to do what?

A. Secede from the country

B. Add the name “Arnold” to the city seal


C. Ban smoking on city beaches

D. Take up a collection for Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bill


4. California officials think the Orange County Fairgrounds is


A. Used too much

B. Not used enough

C. Too expensive


D. A good place to stable their horses

5. A former American Youth Soccer Organization regional

commissioner and coach in Newport Beach pleaded guilty last week to

doing what?

A. Building goals smaller than regulation

B. Inflating balls with helium

C. Embezzling more than $100,000 from a local league

D. Not letting everyone play

6. A meeting in Newport Beach ended last week with residents

complaining they hadn’t had a chance to speak and committee members

upset with a presentation by the slow-growth Greenlight committee.

What group held the meeting?

A. The City Council

B. Lawyers for a Tax Free America

C. The city’s general plan advisory committee

D. Republicans Not Exactly for Kerry but Certainly Not for Bush

7. What sauce won a taste test at Wingnuts during a fundraiser to

benefit the Westside Boys and Girls Club?

A. Spicy orange cilantro

B. Peanut butter and jelly

C. Mild lemon cilantro

D. Chocolate and raspberry

7a. Bonus question: What did the creator of the winning sauce,

Tara Poulsen, win?

A. A year’s worth of free food at Wingnuts

B. A wing and a nut

C. Her name in lights

D. Her name in barbecue sauce

8. The Newport Beach Breakers won the championship in what sport?

A. Wrestling

B. Softball

C. Team tennis

D. Surfing

9. Which group is holding its 2004 gala ball Sept. 11 at Hyatt

Regency Resort in Huntington Beach?

A. Newport Harbor Republican Women

B. South Coast Repertory

C. Hoag Hospital

D. Costa Mesa Chamber of Commerce

10. Which is the one well-known show Orange Coast College’s drama

department is putting on this year?

A. Othello

B. Macbeth

C. Richard III

D. Shakespeare in Love

Answers: 1: A; 2: D; 3: C; 4: B; 5: C; 6: C; 7: A; 7a: A; 8: C; 9:

B; 10: A