MTV marks another season in Laguna Beach

The cast members of MTV’s “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County” got together last Sunday to celebrate the show’s now-filming fourth season at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney.

Bands featured on the show, like 7K, Ten West and the Skies of America, serenaded an all-ages crowd, out late on a Sunday night due to the Martin Luther King holiday the following day.

One lucky guest won a Daisy Rock guitar signed by the show’s cast members.

The show’s third season has experienced a decline in ratings since its hot beginning, but MTV said that the decline may be attributed to casting changes — nearly all of the third-season characters were new to the show, which also didn’t focus exclusively on Laguna Beach High School students during its third season.


One cast member, Kyndra, attended home school, but is now attending the high school as a senior.

The network recently began filming the show’s fourth season, using most of the characters from its third season — a first for the show.

However, primary character Tessa has returned to her main residence in San Clemente. She will be attending San Clemente High School this year, and is therefore unable to be a key cast member on the show this season.

The show has produced several teens who have gone on to other TV and music deals.


Alex Murrel, from the show’s second season, is pursuing a music career; she has performed at schools and during a football half-time show.

But the show’s biggest breakout is Lauren “LC” Conrad from the first season, who has gone on to intern for Teen Vogue Magazine and attend fasion school, while starring in her own MTV reality show, “The Hills”, now in its second season.

The show’s portrayal of teens partying and dating has caused a schism in town between proponents and critics — who charge the show has hurt the image of Laguna Beach.

The Board of Education initially considered collaborating with the show’s producers, but declined.

Several of the stars’ parents defend the show, saying it has had no negative effect on the town.