Terrorist threat drill to take place Tuesday

Laguna Beach police and firefighters, and other city employees will be cooperating with agencies throughout Orange County in a drill Tuesday to evaluate the city’s response to a terrorist event, City Manager Ken Frank announced Friday.

The Emergency Operations Center will be opened in the employee lunchroom at City Hall, and for four hours agencies throughout the county will evaluate how prepared the city is to address a terrorist threat.

Jumpers stopped at Seal Rock


Laguna Beach lifeguards were called on Sunday to Seal Rock in Crescent Bay, a protected environ- mental area, to stop four indivi- duals from jumping off the rocks.

Lifeguard Casey Parlette said he paddled out to the individuals and explained to them they weren’t allowed to jump there because of the environmental impact it might have. Parlette also said the rocks there are shallow and unsafe.

The individuals complied.

Lifeguard tryouts tomorrow


The Marine Safety Department will hold tryouts for summer lifeguards tomorrow at 8 a.m. The tryouts will include a 1,000-meter ocean swim that must be completed in under 20 minutes, a run-swim-run test with a total of 400 running meters and 300 swimming meters with a buoy, and a 300-meter sprint-swim with a buoy.

Applicants who pass the tryout will be invited to attend lifeguard training in April.

Participants should bring swim clothes and meet at the white lifeguard tower at Main Beach.