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SURFING SOAPBOX:Laguna a ‘beach buddy’

Well Laguna, we’re coming into the home stretch of summer.

This Saturday and Sunday is none other than the annual two-man volleyball tournament down at Victoria Beach. So come on down, have some fun and enjoy cheering you favorite team.

In other beach news, it’s not looking good for the world’s longest-running surfing contest "” the Brooks Street pro-am. Due to an even flatter than usual summer for surf, keep your fingers crossed.

Because we still have a month or so left in the waiting period to have the event and with exceptionally warm water one can imagine a great hurricane swell coming up from Mexico and blessing us with good waves for the event. That would keep the streak alive as the worlds longest running surfing event.


Beach buddy?

That’s right folks, our own Laguna Beach has been named one of 13 “beach buddies” based on a federal report that ranked Laguna as a top beach in a nationwide study.

I commend the job our city has been doing to improve the water quality here on our beaches in Laguna and trust me, having goats on our hillsides won’t affect our national ranking, as some may suggest. I will tell you though, having as dry a winter as we had last year, mixed with these rising summer temperatures, now is not the time to argue over the use of goats on our hillsides.

Either way, the city of Laguna Beach gets this week’s thumbs up award for being a “beach buddy” for 2007.


So until next week, enjoy the beach and don’t forget to clean up after yourself.


  • JAMES PRIBRAM is a Laguna Beach native, professional surfer and founder of the Aloha School of Surfing. He can be reached at