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During dire economic times, divorce proceedings can be especially unpleasant. You and your ex will be asked to make dozens of crucial financial decisions that will determine your financial status after the divorce and for years to come. Economic conditions will factor into decisions being made, making it imperative to formulate the right choices to avoid financial instability. Is it the right time to sell the house? What should you do about alimony or child support? How will the divorce affect you both tax-wise? What’s the best way to divide the assets? Author, Violet P. Woodhouse, answers these and other questions in what critics are calling the most comprehensive financial-planning guide for divorcing couples available – “Divorce & Money: How to Make the Best Financial Decisions During Divorce” (9th Edition, Jan. 2009).

            For 17 years, Divorce & Money has been the leading guide to evaluating and dividing assets during divorce.  “Divorce can be unpleasant often complicating financial decisions, but it is crucial to solve these issues,” states Violet Woodhouse. “It’s a quick reference guide for managing personal finances, and a valuable asset to all divorcés.”

            Divorce & Money addresses the burning issues facing divorcing couples, including:

·         The Unique Rights of Same-Sex Couples


·         Division of Real Estate Property, Retirement Benefits, Investments and Health Savings Accounts

·         Handling Alimony and Child Support

·         How to Divide Debt in an Ever-Changing Financial Landscape

Up-to-Date Tax and Pension-Plan Information


            In addition, the newest edition of Divorce & Money features sections that explore the following current topics:


Cost-Effective Ways to Dissolve a Marriage: Going through a divorce is a costly endeavor, but not working with a lawyer can be even riskier and can lead to future financial losses. Now more than ever, the unbundling of legal services, also known as limited scope representation, is becoming a growing need as unfavorable economic conditions affect so many. With this option is available in many states, attorney Violet Woodhouse shows consumers how to pick and choose what parts of a divorce can be managed alone, and what parts to delegate to a pro. The likely result? An economical way to have total peace of mind. 

Collaborative Divorce Deters Litigation: In the new edition of Divorce & Money, Woodhouse offers a cost-effective alternative to litigation – collaborative divorce. Unlike mediation, collaborative divorce allows each spouse to have the support of his or her own lawyer who is committed to a fair resolution of all the issues in the divorce. Central to this process is resolution rather than litigation; if the collaborative process fails, neither attorney may represent their client in the ensuing litigation. Benefits include each client having their own advocate during the process, an increased likelihood of compliance with negotiated terms, a more positive overall experience involving compromise on both sides, and a more cooperative environment for co-parenting.

New Love & Old Assets: The ninth edition of Divorce & Money also explores options for after the divorce and those entering into marriage either for the first time or again. Cohabitation, or living together with a new “significant other” without legally marrying, has risks and it’s important to know what the legal and financial ramifications are. Laws vary between states and it is crucial to be familiar with cohabitation laws and how it can affect alimony if it applies. For those getting married, Woodhouse explores how prenuptial contracts can be a valuable planning tool for any couple.


About “Divorce & Money: How to Make the Best Financial Decisions During Divorce”

            Organized like a workbook, Divorce & Money includes easy-to-read charts and tables as well as icons that alert readers to “Questions to Ask Your Attorney,” time-sensitive decisions, tasks that involve a series of steps, and helpful Web sites.   


            Divorce & Money: How to Make the Best Financial Decisions During Divorce is available for $34.99 in major bookstores nationwide, and online at and other Web-based retailers. The 449-page edition’s ISBN number is 978-1-4133-0918-8.

About the Author, Violet Woodhouse

            Violet Woodhouse, an attorney and Certified Family Law Specialists, Certified Financial Planner consultant, is recognized as one of the nation’s top 200 financial planners by Worth, and has been consistently ranked as one of Los Angeles Magazine’s “California Super Lawyers.” A regular guest on local and national news shows and a favorite source for reporters locally and nationally, Woodhouse is available for interviews to address personal finance topics. Lending her expertise to any style of interview in a knowledgeable and easily understood manner, Woodhouse’s creative tactics are a must-know for every couple. 

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