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SURFING SOAPBOX: Make every day Earth Day

Wednesday was Earth Day, and although I think it’s great that we all acknowledge this important day, I believe we as the stewards of our environment should celebrate Earth Day every day.

All it takes is doing the little things in life, like picking up trash, conserving energy, using less water and avoiding single-use plastics.

Get involved in local beach clean-ups or attend City Council meetings when our oceans and beaches are concerned; or join nonprofits such as Surfrider, Heal the Bay and Oceana. There are a multitude of great organizations out there.

In Laguna alone we have the Clean Water Now Coalition, Zero Trash Laguna and the Laguna Beach Environmental Committee, which works alongside our council, all of which are great first steps in not only preserving our oceans and beaches but our environment.


However, the key is getting involved.

The other night while running on the beach, just south of the Montage, it was shocking how much trash I picked up — and the half dozen plastic cups with an “M” stenciled on them. Something needs to be done — and now.

I’m not asking people to save the world, because that is a task too great for any of us. However, we can all start by getting involved or doing the little things, and today is the perfect day for a new start in a new direction.

We should all want to leave our Earth in a better place for the generations to follow, so our children and our children’s children can enjoy the same pleasures that we enjoyed, such as our ocean and beaches. For that matter, maybe for you it’s a mountain or park. Whatever you cherish, make some time and give back to it.


We can all make a difference, and together, we can make an even bigger difference.


JAMES PRIBRAM is a Laguna Beach native, professional surfer and John Kelly Environmental Award winner. His websites include AlohaSchoolofSurfing and ECOWarrior He can be reached at Jamo@Aloha