Sounding Off: Christmas shopping in 1957

I would like to add to my daughter, Catharine Cooper’s, wonderful column about her first Christmas in Laguna Beach in 1957.

We were familiar with Laguna, coming down for breakfast at the Cottage or dinner at Victor Hugo’s, but the move from Long Beach (population 110,000) was big. And I loved it. It was a special village for my children to grow in.

Now to Christmas "” and my shopping. Shirts and ties from Stuart Avis Men’s Store for my husband. And also for my husband, some tools from Shields Hardware. Clause’s Electric provided the lights for the tree and outside decorations. I found socks and slippers for the kids at Axline’s Shoe Store. Lots of books for everyone from Mariner’s. Toys for kids from McCue’s Toy Shop And stocking stuffers from Sprouse Ritz, including underwear for children. Can you imagine underwear for children in Laguna? The flowers for our dinner table, of course, came from Eschbach’s Flower Shop and all those wild and crazy Christmas photos were developed by Bill Thomas Camera. All the purchases were made in the Village.

It was indeed a wonderful first Christmas in Laguna Beach. I loved it then, and even though I don’t live there now, I love it still.


Happy New Year to all.

KAY WRIGHT lives in Laguna Woods.