Briefly In Religion

Major religions and peace

Jerry Tankersley, pastor of Laguna Presbyterian Church, recently participated in an interfaith dialogue in Basel, Switzerland, “Fostering Peace through the Abrahamic Religions: The Promise and the Pitfall."

During the conference, 26 university professors and religious leaders met to discuss the challenges of living in a world in which three major religions "” Judaism, Christianity and Islam "” interface and share the same territory.

All trace their origins to the Abrahamic story recorded in the Bible and the Koran.


At 7 p.m. Sunday, Tankersley will present his report on the conference, a process that could have potential for international justice and peace.

All are invited to the church parlor to hear the report and engage in dialogue related to the themes of leadership, peace, war, and future cooperation.

The church is at 415 Forest Ave.